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KA50 Green Casement
Name KA50 Green Casement
Thickness ≥1.4mm
Frame Width 82mm
Glass Notch ≤55mm
Outer Insulation Strip I42
Inner Insulation Strip I42

  • Barrier strip thermal insulation technology

    With energy-saving airtight design of two layers, the inner and outer frames adopt IT14. 8 heat insulation strips with high quality and excellent performance.

  • Super wind pressure resistance

    The width of outer frame achieves 80mm, ensuring better performance of strength, stability, wind pressure resistance and safety.

  • High-end parts lead to experience of paradise

    Siegenia parts system is used with horizontal pivoting and other opening modes to achieve the same effect of current European doors and windows.

  • Double-color

    With cutomized barrier strip profiles, high-end double colors can be achieved for both sides Perfect matching based on home decoration style