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KI10 KI10 Energy-saving Sliding Lift-up Doors
Name KI10 Energy-saving Sliding Lift-up Doors
Thickness ≥2.0mm
Outer Width 150mm
Glass Notch ≤41mm
Outer Insulation Strip I24
Inner Insulation Strip I14.8

  • High energy efficiency

    Energy-saving structures combined with high insulation materials help reduce heat exchange between indoor and outdoor and save over 40% energy.
    Intuitive experience: Decrease in heating and cooling costs.

  • Hidden trimming ventilation, two-layer closing system

    Provide a more comfortable feeling of space for children, the elderly and other sensitive people.
    When the door is closed with the end point locking, there is a space of 10mm between the frame sash and the door.
    With such space, air exchange is possible to keep indoor fresh air even when the door is tightly closed.

  • Easier opening

    When the door leaf is lifted, the airtight material shall leave the outer frame to effectively reduce frictional resistance over door opening and closing and make the door leaf slides more smoothly,
    needing a force of less than 50N for opening, children, women and the elderly can easily operate it.

  • Flexable matching of inside and outside double colors

    With fashion colors, matching customization makes the home environment more creative, and arc lines does the whole door smart and elegant.