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1188 classic sliding airtight windows
Series Name 1188 Series classical air-tight sliding window
Profile wall thickness 1.2mm, 1.4mm
Width of outer frame 108mm
Glass Notch 11mm, 26mm
Features and Advantages

  • No water penetration risk

    It applies a drip cap design in the rails, and a stepped design in lower transverse rib, thus ensuring better water draining and water tightness

  • Air tightness and protection against moisture

    Water-tight drip cap not only ensures water-tightness, but also better air-tightness; and the inner window screen not only protects you from mosquitoes, but also improves security and water drainage

  • Smooth integral push-pull

    The bottom rail features in its design by a combination of wide trails and narrow trails, an increase in the contact surface of rollers, and embosses in the rails, thus preventing the rollers from deviation and ensuring smooth pull and push

  • 1188 series is compatible with existing ventilators in the market, realizing a smart ventilation system in home furnishing and a smart life featured by good health, high security and energy-saving The ventilator resolves the contradiction between air tightness and the need for fresh air, not only show high performance in sound insulation, cleanliness and energy-saving, but also in introduction of fresh air 24-hour ventilation, suitable for families with old people and /or children