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Name 3600 energy-saving side-hung series
Thickness >1. 4mm
Outer width 50/55/62/65mm
Glass notch <43.8mm
Outer Insulation Strip AA notch (11mm)/ BB notch (14. 5mm)
Inner Insulation Strip AA notch (11mm)/ BB notch (14. 5mm)
3600 product features

  • 3600 system may both adopt different glass notches according to the pressure line and install (5+27+5) hollow built-in shutters. With window frame perfectly combined, a wonderful home life can be realized.
  • With hollow built-in shutter glass techonology, shutter curtains may precisely installed in hollow airtight glass. The folding, expanding and dimming functions of shutters may be controlled with a magnetic slider or electronic remote control.
  • Being easy to get dirty and aging as well as fragile, traditional shutters have a short life cycle with a warranty period hardly up to 5 years even for those made of the best materials, which heavily affects the appearance of buildings. As a result, they are explicitly prohibited especially in large cities of China.
  • The shutter angle of hollow shutter windows can be adjusted as you wish to create a comfortable and warm indoor environment. The hollow shutter glass can ahieve a shading rate of 90% when fully expanded, a light transmittance of over 82% when fully folded and realizes both shading and lighting when the blades are parallel.

  • 3600 system supports ventilators on the market
  • to realize smart ventilation system
  • and provide a smart living experience that is healthy, safe and energy-saving

  • Equiped with excellent performance,

    3600 system can be widely used in hotels, villas, apartments, resorts, communities and senior clubs in the city.

  • Equiped with excellent performance,

    Sealing and water blocking strips (inward opening) of excellent performance at the connection between outer and inner frames,

    which ensures a good airtight and watertight performance;